The best Casino Games Based on Disney Cinderella online slot

On October 17, 2017 by jmartinec

The Walt Disney company created an extraordinary number of classic characters known throughout the planet. Thanks to a creativity and a fabulous imagination of its employees the world discovered the stories of such characters like Snow White, Dumbo, Alice, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Robin Hood and many others – we just can’t list them all! We’ve seen them in films, cartoons, computer games, and now, with the development of technologies, we can find themed slot machines in online casinos. Gambling business proved to be very popular, so the amount of these machines grew up immediately. In this article, we propose you the list of the best casino games based on Disney.

Cinderella online slot

The first one we are going to describe is Cinderella game It deserves a place on this list because of great possibilities it offers to players. The odds in this online game are extremely high – it’s easy to make a bank without playing on impressive sums. If you are lucky enough, you can multiply your bet by 10000. Multiple bonuses and free spins will also help to get a solid profit. We can’t forget about great design, wonderful background sound and impressive themed symbols including Cinderella as a Wild symbol. So, it’s quite a pleasure to play in this online slot, but the main advantage, of course, is a real possibility to earn money.

Robin Hood: Shifting Riches

The next slot which is worth speaking about is Robin Hood: Shifting Riches. Yes, we were obliged to include at least one gambling machine about this popular hero. It’s just a right story for the casino business: Robin Hood, as we all remember, took money from the rich persons and gave it to the poor. And multiple casinos claim to do in some way the same. But let’s stick to the point. Robin Hood: Shifting Riches is so appalling thanks to low min bet – only 0.01 dollar per line! At the same time, slot gives a chance to win 100000 dollars out of 100 (max bet), which is incredible! Other advantages are a risky game, free demo mode, Wild and Scatter symbols, free spins and pleasant bonuses.

Aladdin Adventures

Do you remember the old tale of Aladdin and his lamp? There are a few slot machines on this subject, but, in our opinion, Aladdin Adventures is the best. It only has 3 reels and 5 lines, but it’s enough to win a fortune. Players can bet from 0.01 dollar to 1 dollar per line, the highest multiplier is x1500. So, if you have sufficient amount of money, you can bet 5 dollars each spin and once you are lucky, you’ll get 7500 dollars of revenue. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Another advantage of the slot is a fabulous simplicity. Players don’t need to be experienced in gambling to start playing. Everything can be understood intuitively. So, the Aladdin Adventures online slot is a perfect option for new players.
There are many others slots which have been dedicated to one of Disney’s characters, but we chose for you the best. Good luck to you all! Hope you’ve enjoyed our small article!